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AB Insignia business details, ‘Terms & Conditions‘, prices and descriptions of items offered for sale from this internet shop, are current and up to date.

They are subject to change without prior notice, and replace any previously advertised details.

AB Insignia Guarantee

All items advertised / offered for sale within AB Insignia’s on-line shop are of original period manufacture unless stated otherwise. I offer a money back guarantee on all goods supplied subject to the terms listed below. All terms listed, appertain to the ITEM SOLD directly by us

  • Should you be unhappy / not satisfied with your item, AB Insignia’s should be notified of such within 7 days of receipt of the item(s) .
  • The ‘said item’ should be returned immediately! Provided it is returned in the exact condition as sent, a full, no quibble, no questions refund of the purchase price (excluding any postal charges) will be made.
  • Any refund should it be required will be made in the form of a Butler’s business bank account cheque in Sterling. For items paid for via Paypal and credit cards via Paypal, refunds will be made via a Paypal refund. Actual Credit Card payments taken will be refunded via credit card. All ‘types’ of refund, as detailed here are without exception !
  • Butler’s will not be liable for any currency conversion charges, on overseas buys on returned goods. Outward bound and return postage costs are not refundable, should an item be returned for what ever reason. Any expenses charged to AB Insignia’s on returned items from overseas such as import duties or import VAT by UK customs, and or postal handling charges, are not refundable.
  • This refund offer does not apply to any goods purchased in error (including errors in translation of the text on this web site to another language), or third party factors. Nor does it apply to goods that have been damaged, disassembled or tampered with in any way after purchase.
  • I supply items for collectors / collector static display purposes only. No item is sold as a wearable item. With this in mind I do not guarantee the fitting of any clothing, footwear, headgear, equipment etc. nor their suitability for ‘every day’ or ‘live display’ wear in any capacity. With most listed items now between 70 -100 years of age, no item is sold with its original function in life guaranteed ! Butler’s does not sell NEW off the shelf items, they are antiques ! Only size generalisations and those visible on any one given items issue label are detailed. It should be assumed (by any potential buyer) in all cases that items are of a size in keeping with their original vintage rather than ‘modern builds’. Most items listed fit mannequin display forms of a size equal to period ‘builds’. NO REFUND can be made for a ’non-fitting’ item under any circumstance ! (If size is critical it is suggested that an item is viewed prior to purchase at our showroom) or if we are attending a Military show, by prior arrangement.
  • Overseas buyers:- The responsibility lies ENTIRELY with the buyer to ensure that any ordered item(s) is allowed to be imported into their country. If an item has to be returned to AB Insignia’s because it cannot be imported into your country, I can offer other goods to the same value in exchange, less any return postage and import costs incurred, but am unable to give a refund. In the un-likely event that an item(s) is seized / confiscated (this has never happened to date) rather than returned by a foreign import Custom, it should be similarly understood that no refund can be offered by AB Insignia’s.

The above 7 bullet points are a fair and important buyer criteria that any potential buyer must be fully aware of, happy with, and prepared to adhere to. If a buyer is not happy with them, then a purchase from my site is not suggested.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Orders.

No contract will exist between you (the buyer) and AB Insignia’s until AB Insignia’s have received full payment from you, and AB Insignia’s has dispatched the ordered item(s). Please note that AB Insignia’s initial automated acknowledgment of your order does not constitute acceptance of said order. 

You may also receive a payment acknowledgment e-mail from Paypal (if paying via this method), this again does not constitute acceptance of that order.

Should Butler’s for any reason decide not to accept your order, AB Insignia’s will advise you accordingly and explain why via e-mail. Any monies paid, appertaining to said declined order, will be refunded.

Listing Policy.

All items listed / sold by AB Insignia’s comply with UK laws.

New items are listed frequently in small ‘theme’ based batches, under my random listing policy !

I carry more stock than that shown.

Listings are sub-divided by category to make site viewing easier and quicker, with ‘area of interest’ viewing possible.

Some coming listings are now ‘advertised’ via my ‘Home Page’ message board and social media.

Frequent site viewing is always recommended.

Butler’s lists and sells 20th century political / military history related artefacts; moments in time ! NOT the politics that motivated them !

Item Descriptions.

AB Insignia’s endeavours to describe all items for sale via its web-site as accurately as possible, to include any faults and or defects appertaining to any one given item. 

With most items listed being of an age (i.e. in excess of 70 years in many cases) it is not always possible to give an ‘inch by inch’ text, detailed description. 

With this in mind, please feel free to contact me via e-mail with specific questions you may wish to address regarding any item of interest to you. AB Insignia’s will be happy to help with reasonable, additional information required on items still available for sale. Any additional descriptive text supplied to interested parties will also be added to the item in questions description for all to see.

Additional information requests (from that listed), need to be made prior to order. I will NOT allow an item to be reserved with the reserver then requesting additional item information. Any item reserved, not paid for immediately (ie. by card) that then receives information requests on said item will immediately be taken off reserve, and be available for general purchase.

In addition to the above, I now operate a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on none paid for orders. No further orders will be accepted by such offenders, without exception, with offenders details stored for future cross reference.


ITEMS ARE NOT SOLD WITH SIZE IN MIND. In all cases it should be accepted by the buyer that items are of a period size, much smaller than modern builds, and as such may not be suitable . I do give approximate size measurements for the uniforms but NO REFUND IS POSSIBLE ON THE GROUNDS OF SIZE, OR AN ITEM NOT FITTING A BUYER OR ASSOCIATE. 

Medal / Badge Grades & Descriptive Words.

The terms gold, silver and bronze within item descriptions refers to medal or badge grades rather than actual metal content. Precious metal, medals or badges will be described as such with any relevant visible markings.

‘Theatre Made’ describes an item manufactured local to the theatre of war that it appertains to.

Information Requests / Valuations.

AB Insignia on line shop / web site, receives a significant number of information requests as to ‘price, originality and identification’ on items not stocked by AB Insignia’s. Please be aware that AB Insignia’s is unable to make comment on such requests.

AB Insignia’s will however, on an agreed fee basis give verbal and written valuations / appraisals. 

For organisations (i.e. TV, Film & Theatre etc.) wishing it, technical advice for their productions is also available, again on an agreed fee basis.

Valuations / appraisals can and will only be given on physically viewing an item(s) !

(TV, Film & Theatre, please note that AB Insignia’s’does NOT operate a loan or hire service of uniforms & equipment etc. I can however make recommendations in certain cases). 

AB Insignia’s Pricing Structure.

AB Insignia’s price’s the items listed on its web pages as ‘keenly’ as is possible from the outset !

Pricing is done in such a manner to show a modest profit margin and to offer the item as affordably as possible. 

With this price structure in place, AB Insignia is unable to discount items from its listed prices.

Items Offered for Sale or Part Exchange to AB Insignia

AB Insignia is happy to buy and or take in part-exchange items that collectors wish to ‘move on’.

I am quite happy to receive the offer of items, as long as the offer meets the following few simple guide lines.

  1. The item must firstly fall within AB Insignia stock criteria ! 
  2. The item will need to be priced by the seller !
  3. Images / pictures are always use-full on an initial sales approach made to me (but not imperative) !
  4. Sellers will need to be willing to send an item(s) for final appraisal and payment, should terms be agreed by both parties !

If a seller, for reasons of their own are unable to meet the above pointers, especially points 2 and 4, it is probably best that no sales approach is made. I will under no circumstances be drawn into making offers or enter into negotiations that require me to be the valuer of items as well as the buyer. Nor will I pay for items offered ‘un-seen’ ! 

Any offer of an item(s) will receive at least on my part, a courteous reply, even if the reply is in the negative from the outset.

Making a Purchase & Item Reservation.

The item photographed and shown as images accompanying an item description is the actual item that you are purchasing unless otherwise stated. 

When ’committing’ to purchase an item via my fully-automated check out system, the item(s) chosen / ordered, will remain listed on the sales page, with some subtle changes to the listing. 

The price stated on the item will disappear and a RESERVED ‘banner‘ will appear. The reserved banner will stay in place during the payment / dispatch period and will be replaced by a SOLD ‘banner’ a few days after your item has been posted. This gives you, the buyer time to receive and appraise the item(s) purchased.

Items ordered irrespective of the mode of order will in the main be reserved for 3 days pending payment. This time period I strictly adhere to, and its ample time to make a payment.

If payment is not received within this period AB Insignia will revoke the item reservation and any contract made either verbally, in writing or via e-mail is null and void.

Any order made, irrespective of the mode in which it is made, is accepted on the understanding that all AB Insignia terms and conditions have been read, clearly understood and accepted by the buyer.

Making an Order by Telephone. 

AB Insignia is happy to take orders and reserve items via telephone. This can be done with cash, UK bank cheque and Bank Transfer payments only. 

Orders requiring Paypal / Credit Card payments via Paypal have to be carried out via my automated on-line check out system.

Telephone buyer contact details must be supplied with telephone orders, at the point of order or via email within 24 hours of the order being made. 

The information required is :- an email address, telephone number and first line and post code of a postal address. 

If these details are not given, items will not be reserved.

Reserved, Sold & Archived Items.

Once an item is site listed as reserved / sold, or added to my archive page, no discussion of any kind, can or will be entered into regarding the item other than with the buyer. 

Should a sold, reserved or archive listed item for what ever reason become available again for purchase, then any help a potential buyer requires regarding said item will be willingly given.

Availability of Goods.

This web site is designed to show only items of stock that are still available for sale (excluding reserved and sold marked items). 

It is however still remotely possible that an item of interest could be sold during your visit to the site. 

In the unlikely event of a simulations purchase on any one item, the purchaser whose confirmation e-mail arrives first will be deemed the buyer of said item.

The unlucky ‘buyer’ who may still receive a buyer confirmation will be informed as to eventualities as soon as I am able to. Any monies sent on an unsuccessful order will also be returned as soon as I can. (I use the wording ‘as soon as I can’ as I may be out of office, or it may be out of UK office hours should this occur).

Payment for Items.

Payment methods accepted are detailed below:-

UK CHEQUES / BANK DRAFTS etc:- AB Insignia will reserve an item(s) for three (3) days pending payment ! 

Payments made by UK Cheque, Postal Order, Money Order, Bank Draft etc, should be made out to AB Insignia. (Payment by UK bank cheque:- Known customers items will be posted on the next post out prior to receiving payment. New clients, please be aware that their will be a short clearing period of funds prior to item dispatch).

UK BANK TRANSFER:- Items will be reserved for the same time period as above (3 days). 

AB Insignia relevant bank transfer information will be supplied to all buyers wishing to use this means of payment on request, at the point of order.

INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFERS:- Items will be reserved for the same time period as above (3 days). Payments to be made in Sterling only.

AB Insignia relevant bank transfer information will be supplied to all buyers wishing to use this means of payment on request, at the point of order. 

As the user of business banking services, my bank ‘takes the opportunity’ to charge a fee for all automated international transfer transactions.

I have in the past absorbed all costs, but charges are now at such a level that I can no longer continue this. Each transfer costs me £15.00.


Purchases of £99 and under will carry a transfer charge of £15.00. 

Purchases of £100 – £299 will carry a charge of £10.00. 

Purchases of £300 and over I will bare the cost.

CASH:- Cash is not a recommended means of payment ! It is however acceptable if it is the buyers preferred means of payment. Items will be reserved for the same time period as above (3 days). 

No responsibility can be accepted by AB Insignia for cash payments should they be sent via post and lost in transit.

(US Dollars and Euro’s are acceptable).

PAYPAL:- Items will be reserved with IMMEDIATE payment only. 

VERY IMPORTANT:- REGARDING PAYPAL REFUNDS :-Paypal has taken the mean spirited step to KEEP ALL appropriate fees regarding a transaction including refunds,  Should a refund now be made from me, via Paypal, it will be less the PayPal commission fees initially charged on the order. This is a Paypal issue not AB Insignia.

If Paypal payments (if this is the chosen means of payment) are not processed and issued at the point of order, and do not accompany an order for what ever reason, the item(s) ordered will not be reserved and the ‘Reserved’ banner on an item(s) will be immediately removed, making it available for re order or purchase again.

It is the buyers responsibility to make sure that their payments are processed properly via Paypal and credit cards via Paypal.

PAYPAL / e-CHEQUE:- Item reservation / payment via e-cheque. I will reserve items for 4 days pending the clearance of an ‘e-cheque’ via Paypal. If no payment is cleared within this time period, items will be taken off reserve. 

GENERAL PAYMENT NOTICE:- All payments to be received in British Pounds Sterling (£) only. Payments, should they be made in other currencies, will carry a bank handling charge (this will be advised once presented to our bankers) and these charges must be paid before any item(s) is dispatched; or may be refused as a means of payment altogether.

Most methods of payment will reserve an item for 3 days. This is ample time to make a payment once ordered.

I strictly adhere to this reservation time period, but will of course help with ‘situations’ and extend this, if kept informed ! 

If you wish to make a payment by a means other than those listed, please approach me first before making your order to confirm that your proposed means of payment is acceptable. 

Full invoice’s / delivery notes are issued with all orders detailing the mode of payment.

AB Insignia preferred means of payment (for UK customers) is in the form of a UK bank cheque or Bank Transfer.

Delivery Charges & Postal Dispatch Schedules.

All orders are subject to a packing and delivery charge. 


If you require an order sent to alternate address please make this clear in the COMMENTS section when making your initial order.

Delivery charges will be calculated via the site automated ordering system and are based on the total weight of your order, your location and my STANDARD postal charge method of dispatch. 

The postal charges are calculated as you make your order and are VIEWABLE prior to your order confirmation!

99% of items are sent via UK ROYAL MAIL services (a tried and tested, problem free mode of dispatch) to keep postal charges to a minimum. Private postal services may need to be used for items of unusual size or value. This will be determined / agreed (and charged accordingly) with a buyer before an item is sent, via e-mail correspondence. 

Quoted postal charges via the site automated postal charge system are for STANDARD postal services. 

I try to send items with at least ‘Some Value’ cover via Royal Mail post within the UK and via Royal Mail’s International services, for overseas buyers on all orders. Buyers MUST however SATISFY THEMSELVES as to the cover that they require (see below), as these services do not always give ’absolute / full’ cover !

All orders made and processed via the site automated postal charge system, with no further contact from the buyer, via telephone or email etc. will be assumed to require the above detailed STANDARD postal services only, and that the buyer is SATISFIED with this cover ! 

Paypal / credit card via Paypal purchases will only be dispatched via a track-able form of post.

All orders are dealt with in chronological/paid for order. 

AB Insignia usually dispatches parcels each weekday and provided cleared payment is received before 10.00 a.m. Your parcel will be dispatched the same day.

Occasionally a buyer requests an item be sent by ‘Ordinary (non- track-able) Post’ only. This I’m happy to do only with prior consultation and on purchases made and paid for by any means other than Paypal and credit cards via Paypal. Butler’s will obtain a certificate of posting on all items dispatched via this manner. 

All parcels are double checked for the correct item(s) ordered / content, prior to sealing up and dispatch !

(Please do not hesitate to contact me for accurate cost effective postal quotes on all types / sizes of orders, either prior to order, or on ordering any item).

Bespoke postal services, tailored to the buyers own requirements are available on all items (Both U.K. and Overseas), with insurance cover to the buyers requirements available (this can be arranged after making your order with details confirmed via e-mail, but must be made clear at the point of order. Private dispatch companies are usually the mode of dispatch on ‘Bespoke post’).

(International orders are dealt with in the same way as UK dispatch. Parcel insurance is limited to standard cover. Extra/higher value cover is available at extra cost as detailed above).

CANADIAN BUYERS:- It would seem that Canadian post has torn up its conventions with Royal Mail regarding Track & Signed parcels. I will continue to use RM for Canadian post as paypal particularly suggests & track & sign form of post. Canadian buyers not happy with this can either arrange their own post collection from me via a private shipping company, or NOT make an order. Making an order without indication of requiring your own postal services will be accepted by the buyer that they are totally happy with the use of Royal Mail services, irrespective of how Canadian post handles said parcel once it reaches Canadian postal services.

Import restrictions for overseas buys are the buyers responsibility, AB Insignia’s cannot and does not know all world postal restrictions.

Buyers may be interested to know that to date Butler’s ‘postal problems’ are NIL !

In the interests of the environment and costs both new and used clean packing materials are used for item dispatch.

Postal Exclusions. 

Due to a few problems with payments (non -payments) and post delivery issues in Mid. African and Middle Eastern countries, AB Insignia’s has now to be selective as to how too deal with purchases from these areas. 

If you wish to make a purchase, and you are located in either of the area’s listed please e-mail first for payment requirements, and my dispatch procedures regarding such orders.

Price on Request.

Items marked with ‘Price on Request’ means just this. The interested party will need to e-mail AB Insignia’s to obtain the price required for the item listed.

Items marked in this way will be dealt with in ‘request made’, chronological order i.e. the first to register an interest will have sole rights to the item until such time as they relinquish their interest for what ever reason. I will then pass on to the second interested party and deal in the same manner, so on and so forth.

Once a buyer commits to buy, no further ’correspondence’ will be entered into with other potential interested parties.

Age Verified & Post Sensitive Listings.

All items sold by AB Insignia fall within UK National laws.

Laws of foreign (to the UK) countries may differ from that of the UK and due to this I must reiterate again that it is the BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that ANY item ordered from my site is permissible in their own country.

Age verification may be requested on items such as edged weapons/daggers etc.

This is for the common good and responsible selling, its not meant to make a purchase difficult.

UK Distance Selling Laws.

I am fully aware of UK ‘distance selling’ laws, which are primarily designed for the sale of new items, not antiques 70 – 100 years of age.

I am happy to sell to any buyer who is prepared to meet my own fair terms and conditions, that gives ample time to receive, appraise and if required return an item.


All photographs and text (including Terms & Conditions) on this web site are the property of AB Insignia and are not to be reproduced without prior permission.

I carry a full archive of all my images.

Any image in my archive of sold items is also mine. It can be used by AB Insignia’s’ in any capacity that I wish to. On buying an item it is accepted by the buyer that if I choose to list in my archive of sold items said item that they accept my use of the image at any future point.

Any image (or text) that comes to my attention as being used without permission will be treated as a copyright infringement. 

I have taken to court an infringement of copyright (its not a difficult process) and won….!

Terms and Conditions Summary.

All ‘Terms’ are in place to try to cover all customer / site viewer ‘buying eventualities’, and to cover AB Insignia’s ‘Modus Operandi’, they are their as much for the buyers benefit as myself. 

Please don’t be daunted by them, AB Insignia is one of the ‘easiest going’ and user friendly militaria dealers in the UK. If you are in any way unsure of how to make a purchase, or my terms, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to advise on any matter that may concern you. 

I am approachable and flexible within limits on most matters, (except reservation times on items ordered) and I am more than happy to discuss pertinent matters in a friendly manner.

Frequent site viewing is highly recommended!

Electronic Disclaimer.

Due to the complexities of the electronic world regarding this web shop, I reserve the right to refuse a sale if there has been an electronic failure in the description or pricing of any specific item.